Legal Requirements

Before you can get in a car and learn to drive, there are certain requirements that you must meet:

– You need to be meet the relevant minimum age requirement to become a learner driver.
– You may be required to have an eye test to ensure that your sight meets the required standards for driving. If you wear glasses or contact lenses for long distance vision, you may wear these during the eye test.
– You need to pass a driving test that will test your knowledge of traffic laws, road signs, basic car knowledge and other relevant information.

Once you have met these requirements, you can employ the services of a driving instructor or have another licensed driver teach you to drive. To meet all the necessary specifications to pass a driver’s test, it is highly recommended to have 4 or more lessons with an accredited and approved driving instructor.

It is not a legal requirement to have an accredited instructor to teach you to drive.

However, a driving instructor can help you in many other ways. They will book a date for both your theory and driver’s test on your behalf. They will also provide you with a car which you can use during your lessons as well as to pass your driver’s test.

The car will often have a set of dual controls (steering wheel and peddles) that will give the instructor equal control over the vehicle. This will give you greater confidence while learning to drive. They will also ensure that you understand the driving test process so that you have a better chance of succeeding the first time around.

Once you start learning, there are some traffic laws that apply specifically to learner drivers that you need to be aware of:

– You can only be in control of a vehicle if you are accompanied by a valid driver’s license holder or driving instructor.
– No passengers (other than the accompanying licensed driver) are allowed in the vehicle while a learner is driving.
– You may not drive on any motorways, freeways or highways for any reason whatsoever, even if accompanied by an instructor.
– Your car must be marked in a way that identifies you as a learner driver to other road users.
– You may be required to be insured as a learner driver.

If you do not adhere to these and other traffic laws or rules of the road, your learner driver’s permit may be revoked, and you may need to wait a specified period of time before taking the theory test a second time.

If you are applying for a large vehicle license, truck driving license or passenger vehicle carrying license, you will need to have passed your regular car driving test first and be in possession of a valid driver’s license.

The testing for these driving licenses is slightly more complicated, and it is advisable to have an instructor teach you all the necessary skills and information you need to pass the test.

Purchasing a fake or fraudulent driving license is against the law, and you could be fined, sentenced to perform community service or even be required to serve some jail time if you are caught. You may also receive a restriction on when and how you can apply for a driving license in the future. It is best to put in the time and effort to acquire your driving license the legal way.

Remember that it will last you a lifetime as you will never again have to take the theory or practical test once you have passed.

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