Changes To Learning

Learning to drive seems to be something that everyone wants to do before their time, right? By the time you’re going for your learner’s permit and license, you likely have asked to be behind the wheel many times. Some parents allow their children to take the wheel in certain situations, even if just in the driveway, but those days are mostly gone. Nowadays, everything seems to be all about driver’s training courses.

You take the driver’s training courses; you end up with your license, and you’re done. But learning to drive when I was younger, which wasn’t too long ago, was quite different. I got my license in 1996, but I had driven an old station wagon down an old country gravel road. I had also driven in other situations, too. However, wouldn’t you know it, I failed the driver’s test.

I didn’t go through driver’s training. My parents taught me how to drive, at first, my dad and then my mom. I didn’t train very much, however, and I never perfected parallel parking. I should have practiced more because I failed my first test due to running over the curb with the car. My driver’s test was over almost as soon as it started.

Then came my second driver’s test, the one where I barely failed, just by a few point, but still failed all the same. It took me three times to pass my driver’s test, and I didn’t get a great score the third time either. It wasn’t horrible because I passed, but I didn’t drive perfectly. I drive better these days, and some driving tests can be really difficult anyway.

Where I lived in Tennessee later, the driver’s tests were easy. But in Kentucky, and I know they are in Texas too, the driver’s tests are rather difficult. Young drivers better know their stuff if they want a license. When I had taken the written test, I had passed it quite easily. I didn’t study for that one, though, and you’re supposed to study. I’m surprised that I passed.

Learning to drive is really easy because you watch others do it all the time. You get the feel when it comes to being behind the wheel of other things, whether it be a golf cart, bike, four wheelers or something else. You learn quite easily, it’s just passing the driving test and knowing everything you need to know to stay safe on the road.

Car maintenance and car safety are key, and you need to be a responsible driver when out there among everyone else. The way you drive impacts other people’s lives and cars are dangerous weapons when used improperly. That’s why it’s important for young drivers to take a defensive driving class as well.

Young drivers should take advantage of every resource available to them as they learn how to drive. That ensures that they not only receive the proper driver’s education, but they get the experience needed to be a driver out there on a regular basis. I can tell you that it looks like the youth of today get more driver’s training.

Many of them have it both at school and opt for private driver’s training courses. It helps to get things done this way if affordable because the teenagers get a fair shake when it comes to training and instruction. Maybe they won’t fail the parallel parking portion of the test like I did. And, maybe they won’t get as many tickets as I have over the years either if they are more respectful of the driving laws. I am now respectful, but when I was younger, I would speed quite often.

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