Learning To Drive

Learning to drive a car can be a terrifying experience. Before you start your lessons, everything seems overwhelming. There are so many actions required from you, that you don’t know where to look first and what to touch to make sure the car stays on the road. Driving is not such a scary activity. Once you get used to it, everything comes naturally, so the act of driving becomes rather a reflex than a conscious action. You’ll be able to talk with other people in the car without fearing an accident, but in the beginning, it’s probably better to just focus your attention on the road and the vehicle.

This is the first thing to know when learning how to drive. It’s normal to be scared, but you should have confidence in yourself as sooner or later driving is going to become your second nature. You have to be patient and try to observe the surroundings while also focusing on steering the wheel and pushing the pedal just as much as needed for the car to go smoothly. It comes without saying that you should know the meaning of all signs and the priority rules.

If you are the anxious type of person, you might feel these emotions at a higher intensity than most other people. Even so, you should avoid taking any pills to calm down before the driving lessons. As a matter of fact, many of these drugs aren’t recommended for drivers of heavy machinery operators. You should get in touch with your doctor and ask about the drugs you can safely take and drive the car. Pain killers may also belong to the same category of substances that shouldn’t be taken before driving, so you should be careful with these, as well. You can learn some meditation techniques and relaxation methods and practice them daily to lower your anxiety level. If you stick to this habit, you are going to be surprised at the result.

During your first lessons, you should consciously perform all actions your instructor tells you to. Long term habits are formed at this stage, so you have to encourage your brain to act in a certain way in various circumstances. Always look in the mirror before changing your lane, put the signal and watch out the blind spots. You should also learn how to adjust your mirrors to reduce these blind spots as much as possible.

Even from your first driving sessions, you need to learn how to avoid road rage. More than once you are going to be annoyed by the behavior of other drivers. If you can’t control your anger, you should ask your instructor to teach you some tips for staying calm in such situations. Losing your temper can get you involved in a severe accident. You may become the victim of your rage, so try to keep your emotions under control. Remember that nobody owes you anything, so you don’t have to be upset with them breaking the rules. Just make sure you are safe, as that’s the most important thing.

Last but not least, you should learn how to check your vehicle before hitting the road. You have to check the pressure in your tires on a regular basis, ideally about once a week. You also need to check the level of various fluids such as motor oil, cooling liquid and windshield washing liquid.

Always keep your calm and remember driving is easy once you’ve got it under your skin. Until then, just stay focused and practice.

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